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Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan

With drug addiction running rampant in today’s society, the importance of drug treatment centers cannot be overstated.  The steep rise in drug overdose deaths among young professionals in New York also has city leaders scrambling to pass bills that they hope will stem this deadly tide.  But while legislation is going through red tape, drug treatment centers are busy saving lives.

A fatal overdose can happen at any time, and this why drug treatment centers are so critical.  Even so, these facilities are of little use if they are not utilized.  Calling for help for yourself or a loved one is the first step.  A Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan representative can help you to find your way out of addiction.

Seeking Help for Addiction

It’s no secret that someone with a drug or alcohol dependency need help to overcome this habit.  The truth is most drug addicts are not concerned about stopping drug use. They are concerned about satisfying their cravings.  This desire is so all consuming that it keeps people trapped in obsessive substance abuse.  

When universal health care appropriated $60 million for drug treatment making it available to the masses, enrollment numbers in this program remained flat.  A definite indication that those most in need of drug treatment were not taking the bait.  In other words, they did not accept the help that was laid before them.  

The addict must be encouraged and guided, if possible, toward the treatment that they so desperately need, even if they think they don’t it’s necessary. Families, friends and community members have been and will continue to be a great source of support for people in addiction.  

Addiction Intervention

In order for some addicts to get help they require an intervention. Friends and family members must pick a designated location and time to confront the individual about their drug abuse and how it has affected their significant personal relationships. It is recommended that interventions be carried out with the help of a professional addiction specialist who can help guide family member through the process and teach them the proper way to broach the subject.

At our treatment centers, patients do not have to stop using drugs before they can get help; we help them to stop drug use.  Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan is staffed with many medical professionals who have been drug addicts themselves.  As such, they understand the toll the disease can take on an individual’s life and how it affects everyone around them.  They provide more than medical knowledge and skill; they provide empathy and understanding. This help is available even before your loved one enters our facility.  We have drug interventionists with the expertise to guide you through the intervention process. This is a critical component in helping families to understand how to approach a loved one to get them to agree to entering rehab.  

Substance Abuse Treatment

Residential programs enable you to live in a serene, drug free environment so that your entire focus can be on your recovery.  Intensive outpatient care allows you to continue with your everyday life while pursuing rehabilitation.  

The detoxification process at Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan includes 24/7 medical oversight to ensure your safety and comfort during drug and alcohol withdrawal.  With the help of our psychologists and psychiatrists, you can walk through the process of identifying new ways to live free of drugs and alcohol.

The first step towards an accurate diagnosis, as well as a lifetime of rehabilitation can start with just a single phone call. Professional addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you get the treatment you need. Call Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan today at 212-202-5657.

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